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wc844 vs h335 62×51mm NATO is a rimless bottlenecked rifle ammunition cartridge developed in the 1950s as a standard for small arms among NATO countries. com Apr 23, 2007 · I've been checking all of the usual suspects and have been disappointed that the few who actually have WC844 and/or WC846 in stock are now charging a full $99. Jan 14, 2014 · h335 vs h4895 powders, h4895 pressure curve vs h335, h4895 vs h335, imr 4895 8lb, m14 h335, springfield m1 a reloading h3 35 powder. Federal Premium's Edge TLR Rifle Ammunition uses an exclusive hollow-core Slipstream™ polymer tip to initiate expansion at long range. They have 8 pound jugs of pulldown WC844 powder which is the same as H335 for $85 per 8 10 Oct 2013 No, what you found was THIS BATCH of wc844 is a bit slower than canister h335. WC844 is pretty spot on to H335, although it has a flash inhibitor required by the military to reduce its signature. I use what the Sierra #5 Reloading Manual says is the best load for a 150 gr bullet with a Federal Small Rifle Primer. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Member Join Date Jul 2009 Feb 16, 2019 · I just picked up some of this powder. My concern is actually the length of the tips and the possibility of seating them too deep as to compress a powder charge. 56mm NATO Ball  A couple weeks ago I ordered 3, 8 pound jugs of WC-844 Ball Powder to I've been using 25. Hornady ® Varmint Express ® ammunition is designed around the hard-hitting performance of our famous V-MAX ® bullet. H335 from my understanding has a bit more quality controls in place for consistent burn rate while WC844 can vary quite a bit from lot to lot. But, I would like to know the following, if you would please: Number of different powders you have? Jan 05, 2011 · Brainchild of Hornady's David Emary, the 6. I plan on reloading some 95 gr V-Max, Nosler 100 gr Ballistic Tips and Barnes 100 gr and 120 H335 is military surplus WC844 which was used for loading 5. For example, I bought a 8lb jug of WC844 pulldown powder and with shipping was at the time about $85. It does burn clean, is nicely accurate, but my particular lot is faster than H335, so I blew some primers at first, even with starting loads. Current customers range from fortune 500 companies to military/government clients seeking volume contract manufacturing for products services listed in the capabilities section below. 5 Grendel Cartridge changes everything if you want an AR-style hog hunting rifle for anything up to the size of deer. But again as a practical matter there is no difference in external ballistics and H335 has a great reputation for accuracy over the years. But, I would like to know the following, if you would please: Number of different powders you have? Nov 17, 2010 · Hodgdon website: 223 Rem, H335, 25. Jul 28, 2020 · I use H335 (or WC844 same powder) and get no copper fouling in treated barrels WC844 (presently out of stock) is the military designation for H335 and is the exact same powder but cheaper. 22-250 Remington (Using Hornady Bullets) Warning! Notes: This data was shot by Brian Pearce, Wolfe Publishing Company. (Varget works real well too, dangit!) The main problem I have with Varget is that it seams to be a compressed load in all cases. It looks like I could go with either H322 or H335 for both calibers, and probably load with less grains for the same amount of velocity with H322 (according to the Sierra, Speer and Hornady data I looked at). As for the "Sensitive" issue, Denton did tests with H335 against Varget, and H335 was much more stable. I'm thinking this with some CCI 41's and some Hornady 55gr FMJBT and we'll be  14 Mar 2006 GI Brass says WC844 can be loaded with H335 data. 308 Winchester cartridges are similar enough that they can be loaded into rifles chambered for the other round, but the Winchester . Which comes from that 846 family, but with some Tin/bismuth compounds You know, the same  I found my lot of WC844 to be a bit slower than H335 (closer to BLC-2), but that doesn't mean yours will be. While they are both very similar ball powders produced at the same plant, their chemical composition and combustion retardants vary in some ways that creat Oct 13, 2010 · Just wondering if you guys have a preference. Hodgdon Smokeless Powder 8 LBS, Reloading Equipment, Tools, Components, and Accessories: Midsouth Shooters offers a great selection of Hodgdon Smokeless Powder 8 Lbs for your reloading needs. Every day, Reloading Unlimited works tirelessly to be your go-to reloading components and reloading supplies company. com Search Engine 2020 Ramshot Smokeless Powder is newly manufactured, meaning it hasn't been pulled from loaded ammunition and it's not military surplus powder. While I've never been a fan of the shows I do appreciate the fact we still have them, people show up and show an interest. As far as OAL affecting the accuracy  22 May 2017 I use a lot of H 335 or WC-844 as it was originally labeled. What's Going On? Those of you who have been following my BR threads are probably aware that I've been mostly using WC844 (seems to be the same as H335) just because I had a couple of jugs on the shelf, but it's not the greatest powder for the BR family. Dec 08, 2016 · surplus wc842 powder for sale, surplus wc844 powder for sale, wc842 load data for 308, wc844 h335, wher to buy wc844 reloading powder, which is better for 308 wc844 or wc846. Brands include Accurate Powder, Alliant Powder, Hodgdon Powder, IMR Powder, Nobel Sport Powder, Norma Powder, Shooters World Powder, Ramshot Powder, Vihtavuori Powder and Winchester Powder. Dec 02, 2019 · I use H335 and H4895 powder exclusively for 223 but I’m looking for some WC844 pull down powder to do bulk . Mar 19, 2010 · H335 is wc844 cfe 223 works with 842 load data but the original did not have the anti copper fouling agent. A rrR r (TContinuea reveras afla f necessary &ad Identif by block number) Peak s_ e-on blast overpressure and scaled positive impulse have been measured for ball powder WC844 using configurations that simulate in-plant processing and shipping containers. These should fill the gap between the fast powders (H4198 and AA2200) and the slower stuff (H4895, 8208, CFE) I've been using so far. I really want to get my hands on some wc844 but I can't bring myself to pay for the hazard fee for shipping. The jugs as shown are  12 Oct 2014 I've loaded 55 fmj's with WC 844 from around 24 grains up to 26. To make the point about the wide range found in a bulk powder consider that WC844 was just a subset of WC846, and then see where H335 and BLC(2) are at on a powder burn rate chart. Enter your user name: Enter your password: Accurate Powders is a company that definitely lives up to its name. I've used wc844, h335, h322, h4198, h4895, and varget for 223 and have been able to find  20 Apr 2019 Powder: 28. WC-844 is one of the last really good buys in Sep 26, 2014 · My thoughts are that H110 and Win 296 are more likely to have always been on different ends of the same powder specification, similar to WC844 and WC846 and their canister equivalents - H335 and BLC-2, but perhaps not quite as widely separated. obin Mp 842 load data May 04, 2019 · What Powder Do You Stock If You Can Have More Than 1? Firearms General Discussion Oct 03, 2009 · Recently I was given several 1000 pulled M62 . Still using up WC844 (milsurp, slightly slower H335) on mine, works great, takes several hundred rounds before fouling becomes an issue. Whether you are reloading Mar 17, 2014 · I'm trying to find a starting point for the H335 for 62 gr FMJBT (lead core) out 16" AR with 1:7 twist. 17 Remington Fireball; 17 Remington Load Data; 204 Ruger Load Data; 22 Hornet Load Data; 221 Remington Fireball Load Data; 222 Remington Load Data They listed WC835 as an H335 equivalent. Jan 21, 2014 · I realize WC844 is the call out for loading M193 and IIRC M855, the data is in TM 43-0001-27. Surplus powder burn rates vary quite a bit, so you may actually have to go below the starting load listed if your lot of powder has a faster burning rate than H335. 5 Creedmoor was conceived as the ultimate, factory-loaded cartridge for NRA's High Power Long-Range competition. The cartridge and barrel length has a very definite result on muzzle flash and loud  Of those loads I've tested, my 1-12" twist 700 VS 223 is most accurate with W748 and Nosler H335 is military surplus WC844 which was used for loading 5. 1 grain at a time until I reach 3250 fps 15 ft from the muzzle with a 20" AR or 3100 fps with a 16" AR Find your best price for 308/7. I typed wc844 in a search and found a couple of places i might find it if it's still available, although a thread posted on that search said the supply had dried up. Among the different powders manufactured by the company, IMR Powder 4064 Rifle Powder is ranked as being one of the most versatile. The civilian canister grade counterpart to WC844 is H335, and the canister grade equivalent to WC846 is BLC-2. Reloading powder (smokeless powder) is available in a wide variety of types, each designed for specific uses. Now, with rule changes, its kept proprietary, but it means I am limited to what was known up until that time. 204 Ruger Guns: Ruger M77 Hawkeye Predator Location: Arizona, USA I have had great success with WC844 from Jeff Bartlett and Sierra 60 grn HP Varminters. I've used quite a bit of WC844 and have found it to be indistinguishable from H335 with similar results. Bullets are still the biggest cost, bulk Hornady is the way to go unless you have time to make your own. Add in shipping and Hazmat, and I'd have to buy at least 16 lbs to save more than $1 a pound over what I can get H335 or BLC(2) over the counter locally. Gun: Thompson/Center Encore; barrel length: 26 inches; case: Federal Cartridge; primer: Winchester Large Rifle; bullet diameter: . Feb 10, 2015 · Then the following year decided to call any powder near the low end WC844, and all else stayed WC846. Apr 15, 2012 · I have been reloading for 35 years and have many different surplus powders although my standard is H4895. This smokeless powder has a fast burn and is easy to Winchester 748 is a ball powder and the choice for loading 223 Remington cartridges. Search for: Sierra 77gr smk loads A spherical powder, BL-C(2) began as a military powder used in the 7. 6- same as #5 except 20 minute cure 7- same as #5 except 25 minute cure 8- same as #5 except 30 minute cure 9- 130 gr. Quit chasing velocity and exceeding Max load data for H335 loads as H335 will return you damage to your gun and maybe you, too. 223 I've been collecting reloading equipment for a while, and have most of the main components such as press and tools. Polymer tipped V-MAX ® bullets deliver match accuracy, high ballistic coefficients, wind defying trajectories, and rapid fragmentation upon contact. I tried the dual disk for powder on the press, but was not getting good results with ball powder (H335) and the dual disk system, lots of spilled powder and inconsistent charges. 17 Remington Fireball; 17 Remington Load Data; 204 Ruger Load Data; 22 Hornet Load Data; 221 Remington Fireball Load Data; 222 Remington Load Data Hodgdon Smokeless Powder 8 LBS, Reloading Equipment, Tools, Components, and Accessories: Midsouth Shooters offers a great selection of Hodgdon Smokeless Powder 8 Lbs for your reloading needs. 13 Please read the note and caution at bottom of the chart ACCURATE RAMSHOT ALLIANT HODGDON IMR WINCHESTER VIHTAVOURI NORMA ADI TUBAL Review of the Best . 308 tracer rounds; 142 gr fmj Discussion in ' Gun Accessories & Ammo ' started by Mav3r1ck2020 , Mar 26, 2020. I haven't bought any yet since I am just now getting into loading for my 223/556, so right now I only bought H335. The basic cargo version was designed to transport a 5-ton (4,500 kg) load over all roads and cross-country terrain in all weather. I was in a rush to do some load development so I did 3 rounds per powder charge but I think I got a little bit of information for the first round of load development anyway. The original patented recipie comes from the 30's, and Olin doesn't make it anymore anyway, so don't think they are all that different. Apr 02, 2020 · The H335 I have never tried but they always wrote to use the H335 data for the WC844. H355 Powder H355 Powder The load data I had originally used to determine my charge weights gave me very low velocities. Now I cant say for sure until I do some More loads with WC844 and get more Consistent Powder drops, But it appears with same Powder Gr’s H335 is on Average 50fps to 100fps Faster Mar 15, 2006 · WC844 vs. Hodgdon Powder offers one of the largest selections of quality smokeless propellants for rifle reloading. 62mm? within the Reloading forums, part of the Ammunition category; If you don't want to trust your instincts, or what you're told on the Internet, then either call or send an e-mail to Hodgdon. Hodgdon has for years! You have to remember that H335 (WC844) was developed originally as a military powder for use in the 5. 223 Remington), the standard round the AR15 was designed around is ok for coyotes or other small predator hunting, but for anything larger, it is sadly lacking in power, and accuracy suffers at long range. 200", 24" barrel, 3203 fps, 49,300 CUP Test: Ruger #1 [the standard 26" #1, not the 24" varmint model], CCI 400 small rifle primers, LC brass once fired processed from Scharch and prepped by me, 55 gr Vmax moly, H335 pic left to right: unfired, 28, 29, 30, and 31 gr. The difference is the canister grades sold for reloading are blended with portions of held back fast or slow lots to adjust the burn rate closer to an average value. Plus I was going to buy some pistol powder, but after shipping of 2x8lb rifle and 1x8lb pistol, no deal vs buying elsewhere for more proven powders. There was a definite demarcation between those and the 20- to 25-grain charge weights for medium-burning pistol propellants like IMR's SR 4759, 4227, and Alliant 2400. The slower ball powders that are usually associated with the other NATO round, BL-C(2) / WC846 also seem to work in the . I usually buy drums of SMP735 (never ordered it as an H-number) After a bit of consternation at first and several pounds of commercially purchased H335, as near as I could tell they were the exact same thing. com: FS Redding 3BR Powder Measure, Harrell BR Mar 01, 2013 · Can't say about milsurp 4895, never used any, but I've burned probably 30 or 40 lbs of WC844 and WC846 over the years in . The problem is with my life right now, I just don't have enough time to set things up and play/experiment with different setups. I will be fine tuning my scope for 100 and 200 yards this weekend, but so far this load punches 1/4-1/2 inch groups at 50 yards. 56 NATO rounds where you or I would only need to obtain some Hodgdon's H335 powder from our supplier to get the same thing. Nov 04, 2010 · If you are comparing Hodgdon vs IMR powders, IMR-4895 is slightly slower than H-4895, IMR-4350 is faster than H-4350 (not sure about this one) and IMR-4831 is much faster than H-4831. Canister grade powders are blended to very tight burn characteristic specifications as they are  $85 vs $140 for 8lb jug so it looks good. H335 How much actual difference is there betweeen the two, or are they the same powder, one if military and the other in civilian dress? 03-14-2006, 06:35 PM #2 H335_8_LB. How much actual difference is there betweeen the two, or are they the same powder, one  3 May 2015 WC844 is the canister version of H335. level 2 QuickLoad- 223, 30-06, 9mm, 44 Mag, 10mm, 454 Casull Original Poster 1 point · 2 years ago Winchester 748 is a ball powder and the choice for loading 223 Remington cartridges. Nov 04, 2012 · The CFE223 powder is AWESOME! I'm going to get 8 pounds of this stuff after this one pound has run out. This powder is an affordable choice for reloading and comes with a solid backing from the manufacturer. 56 NATO, but today, it remains a popular choice for small cartridges when hunting squirrels, prairie dogs, and other small game. use H335 data for wc844 and BLC2 for 846 and stay away from 844T and846T, they are hotter for igniting tracers. Here is a 5 shot group @ 100 yds out of my Model 10PC: Feb 03, 2011 · The typical military load for the 7. The complete line of smokeless powders for handguns, rifles, and shotguns is engineered and lab-tested to maximize the precision and performance . 00 per 8 pound jug when bought 4 at a time, including all shipping fees Sep 28, 2009 · I found that 40 grs of H335 behind the Sierra 174 gr . I tried three different primers and the choice did not seem to matter (CCI BR4, Rem 7 1/2s and Win Small Rifle — the old silver ones). 56 brass and some SS109 projectiles and I am planning on loading some  16 lbs of WC-844 smokeless double-base rifle powder packaged in two 8 lb UN 4G Rated Hazmat Jugs within a re-usable shipper kit. We tested more than 60 different bullet and powder combinations, but the final cut includes only the best load with each bullet listed. Surplus powder is not and has never been 100% consistent lot  28 May 2014 H335 is what is called a "canister grade" powder. 6 kg were tested I found my lot of WC844 to be a bit slower than H335 (closer to BLC-2), but that doesn't mean yours will be. Click on a term to search for Jun 27, 2016 · by Art Merrill | Contributing Editor So, you just bought an AR-15 with “556 NATO” stamped on the barrel; your load data manual doesn’t list 5. 56mm Nato M193 cartridge will fire a 55 grain bullet from a 20" barrel at 3,250 FPS while the civilian. I know, from perusing load data tables and personal experience, that Hodgdon Varget is a very versatile rifle powder. 350" is the COAL for the following: 40 GR V-Max, 45 GR Hornet, 50 GR V-Max, SPSX, & SP, 52 GR BTHP, A-Max & 53 GR HP & V-Max, (NOTE: 53 GR I'm getting really nice accuracy with 85 gr Sierra FBSP. 55 lb of WC-844 powder packaged in 1 55 lb Drum ( Please contact us if you would like this option) 50+ pounds of wc844 Similar/same as h335 Used only for bulk 223. It does say that you can call/email to save shipping costs as they will combine the hazmat fee on up to 40lbs of powder. WC844 Rifle Powder (similar to H335) 06/10 15:56: Northwest Firearms: Belding & Mull visable powder measure and RCBS balance scale: $49: 06/10 15:56: Northwest Firearms: 36 cal black powder revolver: $100: 06/10 15:56: AR-15. Jan 01, 2012 · I just test fired my 45/70 with 3 different powders and there seemed to be quite a difference in accuracy. 25 Accurate Powder For Sale Feb 13, 2012 · I de-prime using the lee universal depriming die, resize using a lee die, and seat using a lee die. 223 reloads are First off, I have a Polish AK and Yugo SKS that I love to shoot steel cased Russian ammo through. Its a fine spherical powder so it’s going 2 days ago · The main difference in the lots marked WC846 and the lots marked WC844, is WC844 may be a bit cleaner or less fouling in the gas system. I've tried a number of powders including IMR 4895, H322, H335, Benchmark, and Varget and all worked well with 50 and 55 grain bullets. 308 Winchester is not only a historic battlefield caliber, it is an established match caliber and one of the best all-around North American hunting calibers. Surplus powder burn rates vary quite  H335 is wc844 cfe 223 works with 842 load data but the original did not have the anti copper fouling agent. WC844 is a good budget powder if you can actually find it right now, uses H335 load data but start at 85% instead of 90% for load development. → Rifle Powder (WC844) WC844 BALL POWDER Propellant Innovative Technology for the 21st Century Military. Jul 18, 2012 · The 223 in my experience is one of the easiest cartridges to reload since a wide number of powders and bullets work well in it. Oct 22, 2016 · There's a reverence and a sense of history that envelopes you the first time you hold an M1 Garand (or an M1903, M1903A3, or M1917 Enfield, for that matter). → I use CCI or Winchester primers, WC844 or H335 powder and a myriad of brass pick ups from the range. The original M193 round eventually used WC844, which was one end of the wider specification for WC846, which was the powder used in US made 7. rifles—a CZ 527 bolt action and a Sun Devil SD-15 autoloader—to use for this report, and I built a lot of handloads to shoot in both guns. Here is a 5 shot group @ 100 yds out of my Model 10PC: Jan 01, 2012 · I just test fired my 45/70 with 3 different powders and there seemed to be quite a difference in accuracy. I would like to be able to replicate my loads with another jug in the future if I got an excellent load worked up rather than having to start all over. His primary consideration was to design a cartridge compatible with the AR-10 platform that would efficiently accommodate long, slender 6. I'm not looking for specific load data just want to know if one powder shoots better than the rest. It is important to carefully look over each of these, because they may contain a few interesting features that may match your personal preferences or needs. Gun Powder for Sale at AZ Shooter's Supply - #1 Source for cheap Gun Powder and Reloading Supplies! 25-45 with H335 and WC844. In the hornady manual it does not say, but there are not as many choices with the 308 Winchester service rifle data v. com  21 Oct 2013 The data from WC844 and H335 are very similar and may be a useful reference for those looking to use Lee molds with either of these powders  WC844 PROPELLANT POWDER. 5-20x40 with Target Dot Here are some pics of the completed project: Here is a target I shot with it a few weeks ago at 100 yards: Here is what I was doing with it on Saturday at 200 yards: Best Load: Surplus H335 Reloading Supplies and Equipment. We will be CLOSED from August 17th to August 23rd, returning to our regular business hours on Monday August 24th! Nous serons FERMÉS du 17 août au 23 août. These powders are very popular with high power and long-range shooters, varmint hunters, and benchrest shooters. Snakedriver , Apr 19, 2012 Snakedriver , Apr 19, 2012 I have been using surplus WC844 purchased at Camp perry for 69 and 52 grain bullets exclusively. 5 of H335 with either a Hornady 55 V Max, like my WC844 chrono results are slower velocity than the H335 loads are  I know some one here posted load data before for some pull down WC844 powder, anyone remember (cross refference with H335???) 10 Feb 2015 WC844 = H335. At close range, the bullet's copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight for consistent, lethal penetration with minimal velocity. When it was first introduced to the handloader, benchrest shooters and other target shooters made it an instant success. Nous serons de retour à nos heures habituelles lundi le 24 août! A spherical powder that began as a military powder used in the 7. Sep 08, 2016 · 2) Most importantly, H335 is unlike most all other powders in that it gets very nasty when loaded beyond listed data for your bullet. 24-25 with the 55-62 grain bullets and 23 with the 69 shoots well and produce good groups from my ar. 5mm bullets that ballistically outperform every other caliber/weight combination and with minimal recoil. Personally, based on the comments about lot to lot variation, I would tend to stick with the H335, which was made with the hobbyist in mind from the get-go. Preferred Brass For a 6BR, there is one clear choice in brass-Lapua, with Norma the only real second choice. After looking at a zillion options for 20ga and 28ga, steel and HW both, I'm using LilGun for my 20ga steel 1oz loads, and my 1oz 28ga HW loads. We are the largest distributor of all brands of smokeless powder because we offer great service and wholesale prices. Aug 14, 2020 · Recent Additions: Last Updated Aug 14, 2020 If attempting to call me, let it ring up to 10 times Many powders back in stock - see "Gunpowder" Additional Lake City . wc844 vs h335

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